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The story revolves around the analysis of the do's and don'ts of party dynamics, explores the flirtatious tendencies of guys and girls, and asks the question, "Is anybody perfect?"  When two everyday guys unsuccessfully attempt to meet girls at a party, they are ready to give up and go home.  But to their surprise, they are approached by a brunette bombshell who is clearly the most attractive woman of the bunch.  Is she truly the perfect specimen or does she have a hidden flaw?


As MAXWELL ROBBINS prepares himself mentally and physically to be shipped off to war, he will have to leave one person behind for the third time - ASHLEY, his wife. With one last night together, their worries, doubts, and fears are front and center. He makes her a promise that he hopes he can fulfill. With that promise, Ashley chooses to keep her own secrets bottled up inside. Knowing that he has to come back safe, she realizes that she can not cause any mental distractions for him.